Art for All

November 3, 2017


I love the use of common objects as art. Objects that were so utilitarian, but now are a bit of a novelty. My favorite is the camera. I still own one, but frankly I’ve lost the charger! Here are some artists that have interpreted it’s interesting shape in new materials. Vive l’ordinaire!

Blue Camera Candle

I picked up this blue candle camera last year at Simon Breitbard Fine Arts.  I love the bright color and unexpected object on my coffee table.


Map SLR Camera

Jennifer Collier makes wonderful pieces with paper. Other items include children’s dresses, typewriters, and even a vacuum cleaner!

28 Camera Drawings


Christine Berrie does a wonderful study of old cameras in this print. It is available through 20×200 in several sizes.


And Pamela Stretton takes this format large scale with a 48″ square piece made of smaller photographs. Also available through SBFA