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Let’s talk about Houzz. With 35 million unique users a month, 1 million professionals, and 8 million professional photographs, it has become an incredible resource for the homeowner. Clients who used to come to me with a binder or folder of magazine clippings now have a Houzz page instead of a binder. And although I mourn the loss of paper magazines (more on this in a future post,) I find¬† I can communicate a kitchen detail so much quicker when I can find an actual example to show my clients.

Which brings me to today’s post. I have used Houzz for years, but I’ve never had a profile page. I have a web site, a Facebook page, a blog, an Instagram. (Do you ever feel like you just can’t keep up?)¬† But new years are for new ideas. When Houzz University offered me one of their classes, I said yes. And here is the fun part. I posted a few jobs last week at their offices, nd 5 days later, one of my photos had 1k likes. That’s right 1,000! And yesterday, if you typed in ‘Home Office’ my study shows up as the number one photo. Number 1!

Houzz screenshot

Houzz screenshot

I am so excited to be a part of this community. Because I have to face facts. I cannot re-design every space out there. But I can add to the conversation, inspire a remodeler, or solve a problem through one of my images. And that’s a win win! Here are some closer pics of the study. This is where the kids do homework (watch You Tube, let’s be real,) and play vicious games of Settlers of Catan. And it’s right off the kitchen where I can see every video they upload. Love social media? In the case of Houzz…yes!

JH Garden Ln Study1

Johnston Home Study

JH Garden Ln Study2