Window Primer

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If you’ve ever contemplated a remodel, you know it is all about the windows. Not only do they need to fit your home architecturally, they must function!

Source: via Alison on PinterestThey are a key player in energy usage, air quality, and light control. And did I mention they can be one of the most expensive components?
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The chart below shows all the types of windows. They each have different functions and work with different styles of homes.

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Fixed: Cannot be opened.  They are a good way to save money in certain places in your home.

Double Hung: These have two panels that slide up and down past each other. They are the traditional choice for east coast style homes.

Sliding: Usually seen in motel bathrooms, but starting to show up in modern home.

Casement: These pivot out either with a crank hinge or just a push. They are the easiest to operate.

Awning: Similar to a casement but they hinge at the top. These are often used for higher windows in kitchens and bathrooms.